Michael Zaytsev


Michael Zaytsev, or Mike Z, is a business coach, best-selling author, and award-winning Cannabis entrepreneur. He began his career in asset management with J.P. Morgan and then moved into in enterprise sales at Google. After facilitating a Leadership and Teamwork training class to his coworkers at Google, Michael became fascinated with coaching. Now a Professional and Master Certified coach, he helps entrepreneurs and executives with business development, brand marketing, and performance management.

As founder of High NY, one of the world’s largest Cannabis Meetup groups, Mike Z has facilitated Cannabis education for thousands of people. A frequent public speaker, Michael has given talks all over the U.S. Perhaps most notable is his TEDx which invites people to “Think Differently About Cannabis.

Mike Z believes that Cannabis represents the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurship since the birth of the internet. He explains “the Cannabis revolution is a gateway revolution; it will transform business, politics, medicine, and much more.”

Michael Zaytsev is author of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis and regularly contributes to Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com. He’s a proud alumnus of Stuyvesant High School and Claremont McKenna College.